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Sep 19, 2013

Hi Gabi,

I wanted to thank you for grooming Milo. I know it wasn't easy and she didn't enjoy the grooming process but she loves being groomed. She keeps coming to be petted now that she doesn't have mats that pull. I could brush her except for that left side the 1st few days after her grooming. Yesterday Steve noticed she would let him pet her left side and then today she let me brush her left side so thankfully whatever it is is going away rather than getting worse. Thank you for giving us our happy cat back again.


May 31, 2013
MJ Wood

I have 3 cats – 1 that is 23 years old. I was concerned about the stress that bathing her might cause but once I saw Gabi's set up and heard that she takes care of several cats over 20 years old, I was confident my Annie Hall was in good hands. Gabi said, "we'll go at her pace…" Annie came out looking beautiful and I could tell she was very happy and grateful for the bath.

My 2 younger ones are long hair, so they need help with their grooming (especially my boy, since he doesn't like to be brushed). They were bathed and got comb cuts (like a lion cut, but the hair is shortened, not shaved). They look absolutely adorable!!

I highly recommend Gabi Kat to all my feline loving friends. She took loving care of my babies. I know she will do the same for yours too. Gabi Kat is simply AWESOME!